Face3 Media provides a range of design and development services, including custom programming, art direction, video, photography, illustration, Web content, marketing and more. Read the services below to find out how can make the most of your online presence and brand.

  • Corporate/Identity

    We at Face3 Media have a near obsession with logos and slogans, which is a good thing: corporate identity and branding are increasingly important aspects of web marketing and media development. What should you use to sum up and describe your company? What do you want people to know? Don’t panic. Our Corporate Identity services can develop a brand that is engaging, striking and accessible.

  • Website Design + Strategic Development

    The design of your website should reinforce your brand identity and guide your future marketing decisions, strategies and development. Before you can get started, however, you need a solid foundation. Our Website Design and Strategic Development services provide a Web shell and plan of attack that balances eye-catching design and engaging content. Once this shell is in place, we can work together to develop the most exciting, appealing and usable website design possible.

  • Content Development

    Balancing copyrighted materials with original media can be tricky, but you don’t have to navigate this terrain alone: over the last decade, we’ve worked with some of the best photographers, writers, video artists and designers in the business. We can align your brand with a human voice, developing interesting, interactive and engaging copywriting, photography, animation and video, to keep people coming back to your blog and social media pages.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing can raise awareness of your content, increase website traffic and help develop a network of related companies or websites. By simply interacting with your audience, you can create real-time word of mouth. So why not let the Web work for you? We offer Social Media Marketing services on all major sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other content distribution channels, such as YouTube, Vimeo and Soundcloud.

Web Mastering Packages

Websites need love. If neglected, they can fall out of date and out of touch with what’s current. Face3 Media can take the stress out of Web mastering with our basic, advanced and SEO Web Mastering Packages. So leave it to us. We’d be more than happy to manage and maintain your online presence.

Video Production Services

Video content might seem tricky but it can be infinitely helpful in further developing your business. Brands can use videos to introduce new products or lines. Companies can showcase services in new and exciting ways through storytelling.

  • Website Development

    An effective website is a multi-faceted creature, and it needs a balance between striking and dynamic Web design and functionality. While our goal is to develop a visually exciting website, Face3 Media also works on implementing a dependable, useable and universally compliant (e.g. CSS, Ajax and JQuery) content management system (CMS). An effective CMS gives you the ability to create, edit and manage your website, allowing you to revise content and store and retrieve data, among other important tasks.

  • Online Marketing

    Without analytics, you’re driving around a foreign land without a map. Google Analytics is at the heart of Face3 Media’s online marketing services, allowing us to measure, report, analyze and optimize the ROI of every marketing initiative and channel, including: SEO and PPC campaigns, newspapers, radio, Facebook and Twitter, among others. Whether you want monthly reports or your own internal analytics organization, Face3 Media can help.

  • Mobile Application Development

    With more and more people surfing the Web from their iPhone, Blackberry or Android, the future (and present) is mobile. This explosion of smartphone use has changed the way people experience the traditional Web, and ignoring this shift can only undermine your site’s potential. Our Mobile Application Development services can create a unique app for your company, providing continuous and complete accessibility to a larger target audience.

  • Usability

    Your website’s success is dependent upon how comfortable people are using it. Using analytics, we can continuously improve design and content, developing websites that are easy, efficient and enjoyable to visit. Maximize the usability of your online presence with Face3 Media.