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Interactive Game for Osheaga Music Festival 2014

Posted on 09 05, 2014 by Face3


How could Osheaga Music Festival prioritize it’s large pool of existing newsletter subscribers while also gaining thousands of new eyeballs with a single gesture? The idea; to create an interactive “Where’s Waldo” experience that combined a contest component with a puzzle game wherein users would have a chance to guess and anticipate which performers would be headlining the 2014 festival before the official announcement only days away.

Subscribers and fans were invited to guess which bands and artists would be playing this year’s festival by email and social media. A lush, densely populated illustration packed with secret messages and visuals that only diehard fans could untangle was commissioned.


Face3 built a versatile app that could run on desktops, tablets and mobile devices that transformed the static illustration into an interactive puzzle game with real-time leader boards that users could compete against. It also had to be built quickly, but be robust enough to handle the tens of thousands of contest entries that ended up flooding the custom built back-end.

The gorgeous poster was transformed into a successful web promotion that drove traffic to Osheaga’s main site while raising outsider festival awareness via the immersive puzzle experience in the 6 days leading up to the announcement of performers for the 2014 festival.


2013 Mixtape

Posted on 12 10, 2013 by Face3


Please enjoy our 2013 Mix by clicking here.

Website Developers Wanted, WordPress Skills A Must

Posted on 06 21, 2013 by Face3

Face3 Media – Montreal, Canada Area

Job Description

We are in search of a website developer with experience in creating/modifying custom PHP and existing third party CMS (such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal) and to work closely with Art & Creative directors & Project Managers. A high-level understanding of web servers/hosts, web standards & web trends is required.

Must be fluently bilingual.

Desired Skills & Experience

Key Requirements

• Comfortable working in a LAMP (linux, apache, mysql, php) environment
• Proficient in PHP, MySQL
• Understands HTML, javascript (including jquery), Ajax, CSS
• Familiarity with the Smarty template system, Cake PHP Framework
• Familiarity with E-Commerce (Magento, Shopify)

Other tasks would include:

Website Development
• PHP Customization (Custom CMS, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress)
• Host Management

• HTML / CSS Development

• Dynamic Functionality Integration & Modification

• Web Maintenance (Hardcoded websites)
• Web Maintenance (CMS controlled websites)

Company Description

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Face3 Media is a versatile, multilingual, design and development-obsessed collection of designers, programmers and marketing experts.

Our experienced team has, over the last ten years, worked with companies, sites and zines in a wide range of fields and platforms, creating websites, ad campaigns, music videos and more. We are truly passionate about media design and development and we offer a full range of related services, including high-end programming, content development and marketing.

Additional Information

Type: Full-time
Experience: Mid-Senior level
Industries: Internet, Design 

2012 Mixtape

Posted on 12 21, 2012 by admin

A very relaxed mix of songs from 2012. Heavy on Montreal and especially heavy on the sap. Just the way we like it.

Track List
1 – Angus Stone – Clouds Above
2 – Spiritualized – Too Late
3 – Joel Alem – Soft Winds
4 – The Tallest Man on Earth – Little Brother
5 – Mac Demarco – Sherrill
6 – Elvis Depressedly – U Angel U
7 – Colour of Moonlight (Antiochus) – Grimes
8 – Luxury Problems – Andy Stott
9 – Tops Theme – Tops
10 – Forrest Gump – Frank Ocean
11 – Dreamboat – The Walkmen
12 – Erik M. Nilsson – Peter Moren
13 – Need It – Half Moon Run

Face3 Media Redesigns your Summer Plans, Again

Posted on 03 20, 2012 by Face3

For the fifth year running Face3 Media is pleased to design & develop new websites for the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival and Heavy MTL.

Each website features need-to-know details about the events, from the lineup and safety information to a platform for purchasing tickets and even creating your own schedule. In 2011 the two festivals brought more than 125 bands and musicians to Montreal in a total of five days, and this year is sure to be even bigger. For Heavy MTL, 2012 means a chance to kick it into full gear in celebration of the Mayan-predicted end of the world. Nothing says apocalypse like heavy metal, hard rock and thrashing guitars. As for the Osheaga Festival, we at Face3 are as anxious as you to find out who makes the cut. A few of our favourite memories include the mid-afternoon set of The Walkmen and the perfectly timed fireworks during the 2010 Arcade Fire show. Do you have a favourite memory from these awesome Montreal Festivals?

To ensure that the 2012 shows are better than ever, we were given the task of redesigning the Osheaga and Heavy MTL websites for a fresh new look. We look forward to another successful (and melodic) year.

Why Get on Google+ Now?

Posted on 03 13, 2012 by Face3

Let’s face it: there are so many social media options out there that keeping up seems like a daunting task. With the launch of Google+ brand pages you’re probably wondering if you really need to join since you already have a Facebook and a Twitter account (which you already struggle to update regularly). The answer: Yes, yes you do. And you should do it sooner rather than later. Why? Let us explain…

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All the News That’s Fit to… Film? Why Your Business Needs Video.

Posted on 03 06, 2012 by Face3

Video content on the internet is becoming as ubiquitous as… cell phones. And for good reason. It has become one of the most important ways to effectively communicate with an audience, boost a company’s exposure and connect with consumers. It can benefit pretty much every business in one way or another, and there are so many ways in which video can be utilized. Let’s break it down:

Audience attention.

In a world obsessed with instant gratification, short attention spans are plaguing the internet. When the average Joe visits a page without video, they’re on it for 7-12 seconds. Conversely, they’ll spend more than 40 seconds if there’s video, and most videos will be watched completely through, even if they’re not good. Businesses can get 4 to 7 times more response from video than from static text or graphics alone, and if there is a page that feature both video and text people generally watch the video and ignore the text (Be honest: how often do you read the description of YouTube videos?). Video content offers an engaging platform for concise and effective communication, keeping the attention of a fickle audience.


Everyone is fighting to be first on Google and video makes this a rather reasonable goal. If properly tagged or keyworded, a website is 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google with a video than without. By creating a lot of short videos rather than a couple of long ones you can not only retain the attention of viewers, but drive more users to your site from YouTube and Google search results.

Connect with clients.

Videos are personal. When someone sees a smiling face on the other side of the screen, talking to them, explaining things, etc., it establishes a form of trust. They know that there’s a human being on the other side, not just a computer. The small fostering of trust makes a web browser much more likely to stay on your site, remember you in the future, and even use your product or service.

Video can benefit pretty much any business. Brands can use videos to introduce new products or lines. Companies can showcase services in a new way – to the average internet user, a talking human is much more helpful and engaging than a daunting block of text. Video ads and animation attract a lot of click-through traffic, and for retailers they often lead to more purchases. Video can be used to promote sales and special deals, and to share footage of special events and gatherings. Everyone can benefit from well-placed video.

“But how?” you might be asking. The potential is huge. (Don’t know where to start? Face3 Media can help develop content just for you.) If your website includes a feedback or testimonials page, why not feature a few videos of satisfied customers, rather than block quotes? It appeals to that personal side of people again. They can establish a connection with your client that makes them more likely to connect to your company. Is there a company event coming up? A special sale or a party of some sort? Using a promotional video on a website is much less expensive than a tv commercial and can reach many people worldwide. Informational videos are a great way to introduce people when you launch a new product or service, and you can even shoot a how-to video, detailing how to use a product, or a step-by-step guide to troubleshoot a problem.

Video content might seem tricky but it can be infinitely helpful in further developing your web presence, but Face3 is here to help. Below is a diverse sampling of videos we have produced, from intros to corporate event presentations, to a 2D animated music video.

Mobile Matters: Four Reasons to Go Mobile Today

Posted on 02 28, 2012 by Face3

Since 2009, mobile browsing has seen an increase of over 1,000%. That’s huge. With this increase comes a new platform for businesses to reach clients: the mobile website.

Let’s be honest: we all know how annoying it can be to visit a website on an iPhone or Blackberry without mobile accessibility. We’ve all tried twisting our phones around, pinching and squeezing and scrolling to try and view the page in the best way possible, and probably even giving up… vowing to try again from a computer but never actually revisiting the site. Why would you want to do that to your clients?

With more than 25% of mobile users accessing the web from their devices at least once a day why wouldn’t you want to jump on the mobile bandwagon? Optimizing your site for mobile access can generate almost twice the average traffic per user than sites without mobile optimization while also boosting sales and increasing customer engagement. Lucky for you Face3 Media can not only create a mobile site for your company, but even design an app. (Check out the suite of services here:  www.face3media.com/services)

Consider some of the advantages to having a mobile friendly website:

1. Total accessibility.

There are so many devices out there these days, all around the world… Imagine giving your audience the ability to buy your services and follow your company from anywhere, anytime.

2. A larger reach.

The number of mobile users increases every day. Why not offer accessibility to those on the go?

3. Unique features and content.

Web sites and mobile sites aren’t the same. They’re just not. Surpass the competition with innovative mobile offerings.

4. Cutting-edge tactics, tools and techniques.

Accessing the web from a phone or tablet is completely different than from a computer. Tapping and touching and dragging replace pointing and clicking. Your mobile site should create a memorable, unique experience for your users.

Potential customers are spending more and more time on their phones than computers. Mobile browsing isn’t just a passing trend; it’s here to stay and it’s changing the internet as we know it. If you haven’t already optimized your company’s site for mobile access then now is the time. Go mobile.

(And to really get the big picture, check out this infograph.)

Five Ways a Marketing Agency Can Better Your Business

Posted on 02 21, 2012 by Face3

At Face3 Media we know that it can be tough for small or emerging businesses to stay au courant with the latest advancements on the web and with the ever-evolving social media scene. After stumbling upon this article we devised a few simple ways in which we can help you improve your small business this year.

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2011 Mixtape

Posted on 12 22, 2011 by Face3

It’s been another exciting year for music and although we’re a group of folks who get excited by long players (LP), here is a mixtape of songs that rocked our socks off in 2011. Continue reading “2011 Mixtape” »

Cahier d’Exercices featured on Farfetch’s Video Contest 2012

Posted on 12 14, 2011 by Enzo

We shot this lovely footage at Cahier’s store in Old Montreal (369 St. Paul O). The Farfetch online marketplace are looking for the world’s best new boutique and Cahier d’Exercices  have been chosen as one of those participating in the video contest challenge. The video was edited by Farfetch.

You can vote for Cahier here!

Face3 Mo Bros Raise $1,030 for Movember

Posted on 12 01, 2011 by Face3

Face3’s participating ‘Mo Bros’ raised a whopping $1,030 for this years Movember. If the stashes above look drawn in, they are. Check out the teams real whiskers at the official Movember page. You can still donate to the cause by clicking on “Donate To My Team”.


Walking the Monster with Cahier d’Exercices

Posted on 06 19, 2011 by Enzo

10 Years, 10 Songs by Face3 Media

Posted on 05 04, 2011 by Face3

10 Years, 10 Songs by face3media

2001 – The Strokes – “Hard To Explain”
2002 – The Notwist – “Pick Up The Phone”
2003 – Ed Harcourt – “The Birds Will Sing For Us”
2004 – M.I.A. – “Galang”
2005 – The Clientele – “Since K Got Over Me”
2006 – Peter Bjorn and John – “Young Folks”
2007 – Deerhoof – “”Kidz Are So Small”
2008 – The Walkmen – “Dónde Está la Playa”
2009 – Pete Molinari – “Sweet Louise”
2010 – Kanye West – “Monster”

Face3 Turns 10!

Posted on 05 03, 2011 by Face3

Ten years feels like a long time, but like everything fun and passionate, it went by in a flash. From our humble branding and web design beginnings (which involved parlaying late nights, large doses of espresso, obscure rock and a near obsession with Kubrick films into eye catching, fun and innovative Web design), Face3 Media is now a one-stop shop for media design and development, with services ranging from custom programming, art direction, video, photography, illustration, Web content and marketing.

Obviously, a lot has changed in the last decade, with people interacting with each other and the Web in new ways and through new technology. In that ever-changing period, we fostered numerous long-lasting partnerships and relationships with companies and websites of all sizes, adopting and guiding them through the latest innovations and trends. Change, as they say, is good. Just ask our office cat, Stanley. He’s now best friends with Sofia, the office beagle.

Thank you for a fantastic ten years. We’re looking forward to another great decade.